Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The WMF Virus Emails.

Oooh, was I first to receive one of the emails to use the new WMF exploits. check the text, it's quite convincing. And don't click the link, though I've left it in for those more adventurous types.

From a certain Mr Gordson.


We are very sad to say that over the New Year the Campus was subjected to
several acts of mindless vandalism. As well as bricks being thrown through
windows, several members of staff have reported their cars as being the
subject of practical jokes. Some of these cars were filled with water whilst
others had graffiti daubed across them. We have uploaded the pictures of the
graffiti here in the hope that someone
may recognise the culprits work. If anyone can shed any light on this unfortunate
incident could they please contact the main office as soon as they have time.

Many Thanks & Best Regards,

Professor Robert Gordens

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