Monday, December 22, 2008

Vista : Enough is enough..

Right, For the Love of God.. Can I do anything without being told I need permission to do it..

Vista is being blow away and XP being put back on.

Microsoft, I F*cking hate you releasing this OS.. Just bite the bullet, admit it's a big a disaster as Windows ME and refund everyone who bought this pile of poo.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Saturday, November 01, 2008

VISTA...Could you get any worse ?

Let me just say that I am an MCP in Exchange 2003, I am employed by a very well know 2 letter burger sauce company as a 3rd line level engineer, and I've a good knowledge of Microsoft OS systems and not just some plank.

F*ck me, could things get any worse.. can I delete something from c:\program files ? Can I fick ?

Find was SO nice in XP, easy and simple.. For the love of god, what is Vista's effort about ? It relies on indexing for speed, and winges when something isn't.. I really don't mind waiting a bit longer to get the results i want, not an avalanche of false positives from like temp files. outlook sessions, network drives.. i want to look on the C drive for a file called vistaispony.txt, any easy way to do that ? is there furk ~? more to the point, can i save a text file called vistaispony.txt in any remotely useful location, can I fonk ?

I cannot stand Vista.. I hate it so much I am going to write another blog soon on which feature annoys me more.. will be pushed to beat the pony search function though.

i copyright the use of the vowel U in any 4 letter work with the other letters FCK that descibe MS products :-) Yeah, do I fick ;-)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

How much do I still hate Vista...

t's not grown on me in the slightest.

My latest pet hate to add to the endless amount. Try to recursively delete a directory with the GUI.

So you select your directory, right click Delete and get this

You click continue... You get the next permissions box where you click continue

Then without fail, it comes back to Access Denied.. And the process repeats.

I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND VISTA... It's the worst operating system I have ever used bar Windows ME of course...

I can't be the only one who finds it impossible to delete stuff without having to resort to what I tend to now which is fall back to a CMD box and use del /r /s... 

Oh and let us not mention trying to copy something from a network drive to like c:\program files\.. .Oh no.. you can drag to about 1 or 2 places and then you have to move it from there.

Oh XP.. I love you...


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

SD-270EKB2 Region Code Unlock

OK, I managed to finally find the right page for unlocking a SD-270EKB2 DVD player.. It's so simple... This is not before I'd burnt a CD with supposed upgraded firmware, tried some various combinations all to no avail.

The route is simply this :

The Hack Procedure:
- Power On
- Open Tray
- Press 9879 0 (0 stands for Multiregion, you may press buttons 1 to 6 to choose a specific region)
- A Message appears stating that "The Reg.No was changed to: [insert whatever region (0-6) you selected here]"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Uninstall Symantec Antivirus 10.x Corporate

Sorry, this is just really useful.. Lines and lines of instructions from symantec however, change one registry key and you can uninstall without the password.


Originally Symantec gave me the opportunity to uninstall it but it required a password which I didn't know. The default password was symantec but it would not work. There is a way to remove the password so that you can uninstall Symantec but you need to do some registry editing.

The path is HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\INTEL\LANDesk\VirusProtect6\CurrentVersion\AdministratorOnly\Security

Double click in the right pane on UseVPUninstallPassword and change the value from 1 to 0. You will now be able to unistall Symantec without having to enter a password.

Thanks to GINKY4 who first highlighted this.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My World book software rather intrusive..

I bought, dare I say it from TV advertising but the need for more srdf backup, a pc world 1 GB My world SAN disk and am very happy with it I have to say. Even on ebay, price was about the same,.

What I am peeved with is it is coupled with s/w foooling you into registering and spending... Fuck Off..

It annoys me as much as the PC World Tech Guys, who although are just doing their job, are worse than a double glazing caller.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

IMG00231.JPG-live.messenger Infection

Have you had a message via MSN :

tell me is this really you ?

It's a virus which seems to be not detected and spreading very rapidly.. anyway to remove it.

close down messenger to stop any more distributions... Then

Go to start --> run -->
press return
navigate to


Look for either an entry that has a data value of ''

delete that entry.

reboot laptop /pc

once back in windows

go to start --> run
press return
cd \windows
attrib -r -h -s



Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nero Support is Crap...

I actually bought Nero 8 but it won't work with my PC.. I eventually got a rather generic reply back to the tune of :

Dear Mr. Bennett,

thank you for your e-mail.

We were able to reproduce the problem and it will be fixed with one of our future updates of Nero 8. The message in the event history log does not have any effect on the functionality of your Nero software. Please be patient a little while until this update is available and kindly excuse any inconvenience.

The Power Calibration Error has nothing to do with this.

Power Calibration is controlled by the recorder. Before any write operation, all recorders must do a 15 step power test to determine the optimum power for writing to the CD; this is called "Optimum Power Calibration"(OPC). And during the write, it continues to do this test to get the best write throughout the whole CD; this is called "Running Optimum Power Calibration" (ROPC). This whole process is controlled by the recorder, though initiated by programs such as Nero. There is an area on the inner part of the CD for the test and test data info to be stored. You can use this area up to 999 times.
So, when you receive the "Power Calibration Error" or "Power Calibration Area full" error message, then the cause will be either poor media, poor Power, or a defective Recorder.

Update the firmware of your recorder drive:
Please contact the manufacturer of the recorder in order to get the latest firmware for your recorder.
An old firmware can cause compatibility problems as well as burn failures.
Firmware upgrades for your recorder are provided only by the Manufacturer of your recorder. All firmware upgrades and support for upgrading your recorder’s firmware must be provided by either the recorder manufacturer or the OEM you purchased your recorder bundle from. We can not assist you in this, sorry.
Legal disclaimer:
"Nero AG is not liable for firmware updates as these updates are not offered by Nero AG. All updates are performed at one’s own risk. Nero AG will not be liable for the legality of the firmware."

Try another brand of recordables:
Try recordables from different manufacturers, such as TDK, Verbatim, Imation, Yamaha, HP,...
Also contact the manufacturer of your recorder drive and ask for tested and recommended recordables for your recorder drive.

Check power connector:
Also try different power connectors, and for recorders, do not share power with other devices. It needs its own power connector. If this occurs with an external recorder drive, the power source in the chassis should be checked. Take the recorder out of the external chassis, and connect it internal, as a test.

Try different configurations:
Take the CD-/DVD-ROM to the Primary IDE bus as Slave, and have only the recorder connected to the Secondary IDE bus as Master.

Send the recorder in for service:
The optical head of the recorder may have to be cleaned or serviced. Other possible causes are open coils and/or blown diodes/resistors. The only solution here is to send the recorder to the manufacturer for inspection.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Peuker
Nero Support

Yeah right -- Stroke My P...