Tuesday, October 07, 2008

SD-270EKB2 Region Code Unlock

OK, I managed to finally find the right page for unlocking a SD-270EKB2 DVD player.. It's so simple... This is not before I'd burnt a CD with supposed upgraded firmware, tried some various combinations all to no avail.

The route is simply this :

The Hack Procedure:
- Power On
- Open Tray
- Press 9879 0 (0 stands for Multiregion, you may press buttons 1 to 6 to choose a specific region)
- A Message appears stating that "The Reg.No was changed to: [insert whatever region (0-6) you selected here]"


qwerty12 said...

Thank you, I did this on my DVD player and it worked great :D!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I didn't believe this would actually work, but I tried it and now have a region free DVD player!