Saturday, November 01, 2008

VISTA...Could you get any worse ?

Let me just say that I am an MCP in Exchange 2003, I am employed by a very well know 2 letter burger sauce company as a 3rd line level engineer, and I've a good knowledge of Microsoft OS systems and not just some plank.

F*ck me, could things get any worse.. can I delete something from c:\program files ? Can I fick ?

Find was SO nice in XP, easy and simple.. For the love of god, what is Vista's effort about ? It relies on indexing for speed, and winges when something isn't.. I really don't mind waiting a bit longer to get the results i want, not an avalanche of false positives from like temp files. outlook sessions, network drives.. i want to look on the C drive for a file called vistaispony.txt, any easy way to do that ? is there furk ~? more to the point, can i save a text file called vistaispony.txt in any remotely useful location, can I fonk ?

I cannot stand Vista.. I hate it so much I am going to write another blog soon on which feature annoys me more.. will be pushed to beat the pony search function though.

i copyright the use of the vowel U in any 4 letter work with the other letters FCK that descibe MS products :-) Yeah, do I fick ;-)


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