Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Vista is Pony...

I confess I actually paid for Windows Vista Ultimate but am beginning to wish I hadn't..

It's all very well making it look nice but it keeps crashing and I really don't have that much installed on it.

My main grip is Frontpage 2003 which will crash at the same point every time.

Windows is looking for a solution to the problem. yeah right... Never comes up with anything and the problems remain.

The incessant security dialogues that pop up are beyond a joke, you can crash it every time when trying to manipulate big files.. try writing a 2GB file to a live filesystem DVD over a wireless network.. Just sits there for ever getting itself into a twist.

Steer clear.. My own fault for jumping on the wagon too soon... maybe when SP1 arrives, it''ll be better.


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Stuart Bennett said...

I've read in this weeks computer weekly many people are having the same issue and MS have released a hotfix..

About time.


You'll need premier access to download it or just ask nicely :-)