Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Legato Networker and the c:\temp saga

We came across a strange issue recently with Legato Networker where if you initiated a backup from the Legato server itself, version 7.3 SP4, then it would back everything up except c:\temp

When we looked from the client end (, and tried a restore, we could see c:\temp but the restore contents was empty. No directives in place and no nsr.dir exclusions in place.

Went through google but nothing obvious came to light. was not a DFS mount point, NTFS security was fine, and strangely enough when we initiated a backup from the client side, then c:\temp was backed up....

After some hours searching, we applied some lateral thinking and checking several other boxes on differnet backup servers.

All the same, c:\temp was always empty.....

At which point we got EMC on the phone, the transcript is below.. All I can say is don't keep anything in c:\temp and expect to be able to restore it ! It's a known bug with no fix...

I hope google may catalogue this post so other users may find it easier to diagnose this use quicker than we did !


System: "Welcome to the EMC Customer Support Center."
System: "We will be with you in just a moment."
Session Started "folder excluded from backups"
System: "The Service Request number for your inquiry is 3254xxx."
EMC :"Thank you for contacting EMC Customer Service. My name is " "Hi "
EMC :"Hi" "just a quick question about a backup of a windows client"
EMC :"sure" "I can see our backups are miising c:\temp"
EMC :"ok" "this appears to be intentional as all the clients are the same"
EMC :"what is the saveset mentioned" "this is not done by a directive or a nsr.dir exclusion list" "saveset is C:\"
EMC :"ok" "client is set for filesystems = all"
EMC :"have you enabled any directive to skip" "no the orginal directive was set so skip *.dbf"
EMC :"ok" "I have now set an empty directive so nothing should be excluded"
EMC :"yes" "but C:\temp is still missed" "what causes this?"
EMC :"ok" "can it be turned off>"
EMC :"one moment" "thanks"
EMC :"have you tried by giving saveset C:\temp" "yes, this was what i was doing in testing"
EMC :"or just open networker user"
EMC :"and than click on backup it will list all files and folders"
EMC :"whether temp folder is visible there"
EMC :"if it is not visible it will not backup" "that is the really strange thing. a client initiated backup will work okay. but when you do a server initiated backup it fails AND it removes the CFI for the earlier backup"
EMC :"ok"
EMC :"normally it will skip temp folder" "yes"
EMC :"have you tried client initiated backup"
EMC :"and it has backup temp folder" "yes"
EMC :"ok" "see comment at 14:28:08"
EMC :"when you initiate backup from server that will not take tmep folder it will skip" "that's right"
EMC :"its know issue" "okay" "so is it missed because there is a problem, or because EMC want it to work that way??" "is there a fix?"
EMC :"there is no fix for this as of now" "okay. at least I know my config is good." "thanks for your help" "have a good day"
EMC :"yes its good"
EMC :"welcome"
EMC :"Thanks again for contacting EMC Support." "thank you" "bye"
Session Ended

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